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GMSA Chair of Mechatronics


The Memorandum of Understanding establishing the GMSA Chair of Mechatronics was signed by GMSA’s Steve Koch, President and Managing Director of GM African Operations and Vice-Chancellor Prof Derrick Swartz on 5 March 2009.

The agreement between NMMU and GMSA is for a period of 5 years with the total funding being more than R3.6 million. 


Through research and innovation, facilitate co-operation between industry and academia in order to enhance human capital development for sustainable development. 


  • Provide research capacity in the field Mechatronic systems for automated manufacturing processes and systems technology.

  • Identify applications for new technologies in the field of Mechatronics for the automotive and manufacturing industries.

  • Provide learning material for formal programmes and knowledge transfer initiatives to industry regarding new trends arising out of developing manufacturing and engineering technologies.

  • Influence and facilitate multi-disciplinary research and development activities in the Mechatronic, engineering and manufacturing environments, and incorporate such into undergraduate curricula.

  • Increase international teaching, learning and research co-operation into Mechatronic technology for automotive and related manufacturing through managing and facilitating exchange programmes and knowledge transfer.

  • Provide assistance for manufacturing-related development and problem solving on such terms and conditions as may be agreed with GMSA

  • Liaise and collaborate with the Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges in the Eastern Cape.


Contact information
Professor Igor Gorlach
Tel: 27 41 504 3289